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Ice Trucks

“Next time, we’ll be taking two support vehicles. And I’m going to try to remember more of it. Make a picture in my mind as often as I can.” Andrew Regan after the record-breaking 2005 expedition to the South Pole

Science Support Vehicles

The Moon-Regan team will be using two six-wheel-drive Science Support Vehicles (SSVs) to transport them and their equipment, one of which has been tried and tested in a previous record-breaking drive to the South Pole. The original SSV was adapted by a team of engineers in Iceland, who dedicated 2,000 man hours to creating the perfect ice-busting expedition vehicle.


Six-wheel drive: all wheels can be independently driven
Engine: low emission, turbo-charged, fuel-injected, 7.3 litre, V8 diesel
Gears: 20
Tyres: 44” high, 21” wide
Size: 6.5m long x 2.54m wide x 2.52m tall
Weight: 4.7 tonnes
Suspension: fully independent air suspension with 26” of travel on each wheel
Power supply: high wattage solar panels for independent power supply
Locators: GPS and satellite communications

In The Region

Bio Fuel

The expedition will be using biofuel to see if it can be a genuine alternative to fossil fuels – even in the extreme environment of the Antarctic.


Concept Ice Vehicle

The CIV was commissioned by the Transantarctic Expedition founders and designed and engineered by Kieron Bradley at Lotus Engineering's state of the art facilities.



Transantarctica Expedition


Andrew Moon and Andrew Regan will endeavour to cross the continent of Antarctica from the west coast to the South Pole...