Winston Wong | Imperial College London

Bio Fuel

The expedition will be using biofuel to see if it can be a genuine alternative to fossil fuels – even in the extreme environment of the Antarctic.

Biofuels can be made from vegetable oil, animal fat or fish oils. They produce no carbon dioxide and burn more cleanly and efficiently than fossil fuels. The main issue now is to find ways to produce biofuels in a sustainable manner – there’s no point destroying forests in order to grow biofuel crops. Recycling and using by-products from local food manufacturers are just two ways in which biofuels can be environmentally friendly. Research and technology needs to focus on finding other sustainable ways to produce biofuels.

In The Region

Concept Ice Vehicle

The CIV was commissioned by the Transantarctic Expedition founders and designed and engineered by Kieron Bradley at Lotus Engineering's state of the art facilities.


Ice Trucks

The Moon-Regan team will be using two six-wheel-drive Science Support Vehicles (SSVs) to transport them and their equipment, one of which has been tried and tested ..



Transantarctica Expedition


Andrew Moon and Andrew Regan will endeavour to cross the continent of Antarctica from the west coast to the South Pole...