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One of the keys to preserving our planet is the development of new technologies. These will likely include developing alternatives to fossil fuels, improving communication so that people travel less, monitoring the changes in our climate, improving food production… the list is endless.

This expedition is all about technology, too. There’s the bio-fuel-powered vehicle (CIV) that looks like a cross between a skidoo and a microlight. There’s the ice-penetrating radar that can detect potentially life-threatening crevasses beneath the top layer of ice. There are the six-wheeler Science Support Vehicles that have been specially created for travelling across icy terrain. There’s the hi-tech navigation system. And to demonstrate the power of hi-tech communication: there’s the latest in sophisticated live web technology bringing this whole adventure into your home.

In The Region

Bio Fuel

The expedition will be using biofuel to see if it can be a genuine alternative to fossil fuels – even in the extreme environment of the Antarctic.


Concept Ice Vehicle

The CIV was commissioned by the Transantarctic Expedition founders and designed and engineered by Kieron Bradley at Lotus Engineering's state of the art facilities.


Ice Trucks

The Moon-Regan team will be using two six-wheel-drive Science Support Vehicles (SSVs) to transport them and their equipment, one of which has been tried and tested ..



Transantarctica Expedition


Andrew Moon and Andrew Regan will endeavour to cross the continent of Antarctica from the west coast to the South Pole...