Winston Wong | Imperial College London


It is a 10-man team:

Andrew Regan

Co-leader of the Expedition and architect of the partnership with Imperial College London. Andrew has journeyed to both the North and South Poles and led the record-breaking expedition to the South Pole in 2005.

Andrew Moon

Co-leader of the Expedition, Andrew has carried out a comprehensive study of Polar history and exploration and is an expert on navigation and routes across Antarctica. He is a keen sailor and also led the record-breaking expedition to the South Pole in 2005.

Paul Schiefersten

Paul was in the Royal Marine for eight years, completing four substantial Arctic Winter deployments to northern Norway.  A competent cross-country skier, he has trained in aspects of arctic operational procedures, day and night navigation and emergency shelter construction. Paul also has good first aid skills.

Vern Tejas

One of the world’s most famed mountaineers, Vernon has summited the highest mountain on each continent and has guided well over forty climbs on Denali. He is legendary for Denali’s first solo winter ascent, the first solo ascent of Mt. Vinson and as a lead guide for Col. Norman Vaughn’s ascent of Mt. Vaughn.

Jamie Bligh

Jamie has led much of the procurement and project management for the Expedition. A keen downhill skier for 18 years, He will be the chief communicator with the outside world once the Expedition is underway.

George Pagliero

George is the expedition cameraman and director. An experienced documentary writer, producer and director with broadcast credits for all major UK and US channels, he has twice filmed in the Arctic and has travelled all over the globe.

Pete Ash

Pete is one of the mechanics on the Expedition and was instrumental in preparing the vehicles ready for the expedition. He holds the world record for the longest kite buggy journey, crossing the Gobi Desert in China and Mongolia in 2004.

Gunnar Egilsson

Gunni was responsible for modifying the science support vehicles at his company’s workshops in Iceland. He was a member of the record-breaking expedition to the South Pole in 2005 and is a highly experienced driver over snow and ice terrain.

Astvaldur Gudmundsson

An active member of Air Ground Rescue of Iceland since 1970, Valdi is a highly experienced snow and ice driver. He has undertaken many expeditions in Iceland, both on skis and in vehicles and in 1999 he completed a journey from the East Coast to the West Coast of Greenland.

Ray Thompson

Ray is a Senior Research Associate from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London. Ray will be ensuring that Imperial College’s science programme is achieved. Ray has been closely involved in preparing the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle for the Expedition and the Ice Vehicle’s performance will be of particular interest for him.



A team of ordinary men with regular jobs is heading to the desolate continent at the bottom of the earth – driven by a desire to expand our understanding of the Antarctic.